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Be Healthy, Be Happy

Be Healthy, Be Happy

Victoria Elizabeth - 22 years old - Sydney, Australia -
Make Up Artist & Health & Fitness enthusiast
NOTE: All photos tagged /personal or /self are photos of my own. These photos are uploaded purely for inspiration for myself and my followers and are not to be saved or used for anything but individual use.

But I was looking through my pictures of my best friend and I when I was travelling through South East Asia (we had actually never met before that trip and she was my roommate and we just clicked immediately. Anyway I found this one photo of us on the last day of us crying (and like, heavy crying too) because we had to say goodbye to each other (she lives in Melbourne and I live in Sydney).  Now, looking back and seeing how much we were crying seems so ridiculous because we see each other basically every other weekend because we fly to other places in Aus or stay at each others places. Silly us. Point is…contiki makes friends for life. 

Thanks to msn I can now type over 100 words per minute.